addressing root cause of community poverty

OUR Philosophy

We base our approach on a process of social, political and individual behavior change



Learners of all ages readily participate in the education system, and have the resources and support to gain the knowledge necessary to lead informed and economically viable lives.


All residents have access to quality, affordable, timely and patient-centered healthcare; and the information to make responsible and culturally appropriate decisions affecting their health and health systems.

Governance & Civil Society

Government, judiciary, and civil society structures are responsive, transparent and inclusive, allowing people to freely assemble, question and influence government without prejudice or persecution.

Economic Opportunity

Investment in human development is available to prepare people for diverse employment opportunities. Residents are able to be self-sufficient, live outside of poverty and children do not have to work for family survival.


Residents have consistent, safe, reliable and affordable access to clean water, sanitation, waste management, communication, technology, and transportation.

Food & Nutrition

High quality, nutritious food is both available and accessible and individuals are well nourished.

Arts & Culture

Affordable avenues are available for residents to participate in artistic and cultural expression.